Francini the Magician


You  can see Francini The Magician’s short YouTube video above. Francini the Magician has been performing at children’s parties for over 20 years, specializing in Family Shows she has been known to dazzle, amaze and entertain families for many years. Francini specifically connects with the little ones and keeps them laughing and applauding throughout the entire show. 

Francini has been practicing the art of magic for more than two decades, she will be your ideal choice for your entertainer at your child’s birthday party. She will make the birthday girl/boy feel extra special by making them the star of the show. This hilarious and heartwarming magician will make the entire family laugh and enjoy themselves.

Francini has been bringing smiles to little ones’ faces since 1992 and will make sure that your child has the best possible birthday party of their life. Her interactive comedy magic show will make your kids ask for more.

magician entertainer with bunny rabbit

Once you book the Great Francini she will not be the only one coming to the party! With her comes along her faithful companion – a live bunny rabbit which greatly adds to the entertainment. When the Bunny Rabbit comes out to visit, hearts stop and jaws drop. Children are in awe, truly a magical moment and one you will want to take pictures of to savor for years to come.

As big of stars Francini and “bunny” are, the true star of the show is the Birthday Child! They are the reason we are here to celebrate and as such they get to feel how special they are throughout the show!

Having done thousands of shows Francini she is not just a master of laughter, shock and awe, she is also a master balloonist. She is able to create dozens of different designs and styles, another talent that the audiences will enjoy.

Francini has performed hundreds of shows making thousands of children feel special on their birthdays; why not make your child’s birthday special? Celebrate with style and flare that will be a memory for your child forever. Call today!