Marinna the Mermaid

A day of mystery, magic, fun and games… or out of the water!

mermaid on the shore

Unique magical attraction available for resorts, amusement parks, private events, special occasions, kids parties, film, photo and more…..Book your very own, very realistic, ‘live’ mermaid in high quality film prosthetic swimmable tails. They may not be Ariel the Little Mermaid, but they are incredible!

mermaid entertainer in her tail
“high quality film prosthetic swimmable tails”

“As stunt women in the film industry full time, we are expanding our services outside of our usual field to incorporate live events….along with our friendly & talented Pirate handlers!”

Our professional mermaids can lead party-goers in lots of games and activities, which include a variety of options:

swimmable mermaid tails

  • meet & greet
  • feed or tip mermaid for a token/gift (shell, gem, toy, etc.)
  • dry games (squirt gun ducky race, ring toss, etc…for small prizes/gold fish)
  • water games (races, sharks vs dolphins, wave runs, water ball)
    • face paint, crafts (paint stones, make necklaces/hair pieces, build shell or sand castles)

What we offer:

  • 1-2 realistic friendly mermaids in water (trained not to bite)
  • assistant mer-wrangler Pirate
  • 10′ round portable framed pool at a kid safe attractive height of 28″.
  • 12’x7’ portable pool/tank with  clear sidewall at a kids safe height of 42”
  • portable fencing & gazebo/tent
  • professional photographer & underwater videographer
  • certified lifeguard
  • games, prizes, treasures/gifts
  • New Treasure: Natural pearls in real oysters!

mermaid entertainer

mermaid and pirate helper